Our Business Checkup Services Can Benefit Your Business

The SCORE Business Checkup is designed to help owners develop an action plan to improve their business operations and increase profitability.  It includes a comprehensive review of personnel skills, management practices and policies, and business performance.

Business Checkup, How healthy is your business?How healthy is your business?

The SCORE Business Checkup program will provide you an independent business assessment and guidance in developing an action plan to address immediate issues; promote revenue growth; improve operations; and, increase profitability.  The program may be right for you if you are an Owner or Chief Executive of an established business who would like an evaluation whether the business is heading in the right direction, needs specific expertise to help address immediate concerns, wants to develop an exit strategy, or prepare the business for sale.

SCORE is here for you, for the life of your business.


What we can offer you is:

  • A comprehensive functional assessment that outlines issues and challenges.
  • Assistance in the development of customized solutions and an action plan.
  • Coordination of project schedules with client priorities and availability.
  • Access to extensive SCORE resources as well as referrals in specialized areas.
  • Implementation guidance.
  • Partnership for on-going SCORE assistance.
  • Commitment of experienced SCORE team members with relevant backgrounds.

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What we would need from you is to submit accurate detailed financials for the past three years and to provide sufficient staff to allow time to focus on Checkup meetings and projects.

The Business Checkup is not intended to replace legal, accounting, or other professional services.  And — be assured— your confidential, proprietary and intellectual information is always safe with SCORE counselors.

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