Brian E. Neth, SCORE Colorado Springs Chapter Chair and Certified SCORE Mentor

August 2021

We just completed the first 9 months of our Fiscal Year 2021 and I wanted to reflect a bit on what our Chapter has accomplished. At the start of the fiscal year, our primary objective was to revitalize SCORE Southern Colorado. I am very pleased to share with you that much has been achieved in that regard, including:
  • A membership refreshed by new volunteers willing to engage and contribute to the community and chapter.
  • Expanded and improved educational services with the SmartStart series providing deep dives into important business topics, and the addition of “hot topics” such as Google, Social Media marketing, and digital technologies.
  • A stable financial position which will support expanded community activities such as “Boots to Business”.

Through the first 9 months of the year, these efforts by our membership has culminated in a 6.7% increase in total services provided to the local Business Community in the form of FREE mentoring and our educational workshops.

As we close out FY 2021, we will be working on the FY 2022 Operational Plan and Objectives. More to come soon!

Brian E. Neth, Chapter Chair and Certified SCORE Mentor